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U.S. Citizenship Test – People you can bring with you

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The U.S. citizenship test is in the form of an interview with a USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration) officer. For this citizenship interview, there are a few different kind of people you might bring with you.

A lawyer or accredited representative

If you want a lawyer or accredited representative to come with you for your interview, you must first send (before the interview) the USCIS form G-28 “Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Representative”.

Your lawyer or accredited representative can, for example, object to certain questions that would invade your privacy or are not relevant to the interview, and can defend you on points where the officer might be wrong on a legal basis.

An interpreter

You can bring an interpreter if you are exempt from the English requirements (which means you are allowed to use your native language at the interview).

Your interpreter can be a member of your family or a friend, but you have to let USCIS know in advance who you are bringing. USCIS may accept your interpreter or provide you with a different one.

If your interpreter does not follow the rules, he/she will be asked to leave and USCIS will provide you with another interpreter and as a result your interview might have to be rescheduled.

Your interpreter should translate exactly what you and the officer are saying, nothing more, and nothing less. He/she should not try to add anything or give any sort of tips, and he/she should stay quiet when not interpreting.

A legal guardian or family member

If you have any disabilities, you may bring a legal guardian (a person that has the legal authority to care for your personal interests) or a family member to support your special physical or emotional needs during the interview, at the discretion of the officer.

U.S. Citizenship Test – Very important

You only have two chances to pass your test. If you fail any portion of the test in your second attempt your citizenship application will be denied. As a result, you must be well prepared for this test. We offer a FREE U.S. citizenship test complete online training program to help you pass your test. Good luck on your U.S. citizenship test!

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