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2008 Civics Test – Civics Test Quiz

Most applicants will be required to take the 2008 Civics Test.

Exception: if you filed your Form N-400, Application for Naturalization, on or after December 1, 2020, and before March 1, 2021, and were scheduled for your initial examination (interview) before April 19, 2021, you may choose to take the 2008 or 2020 civics test as you go through the naturalization process.

Go here to access the 2020 Civics Test Quiz.

During your citizenship interview, you will be asked up to 10 questions from the list of 100 civics questions. You must answer 6 questions correctly to pass the civics portion of the citizenship test.

Our Civics Test multiple-choice quiz is here to assess your knowledge and help you remember the questions and answers. But remember the official Civics Test is not a multiple-choice test, it is an oral test. The officer will orally ask you the question and you will have one chance to answer it correctly orally.

On the Civics Test, some answers may change because of elections or appointments. So, our Civics Test Quiz does not include the following questions: 20, 23, 28, 29, 39, 40, 43, 46 and 47. Please go to our Government page to find the current answers for these questions.


What questions would you like to practice on?