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September 27, 2023


FREE Complete Online Training Program

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We have helped thousands of people pass their U.S. Citizenship Test

To get your U.S. citizenship, you must pass a U.S. Citizenship test, which has two components: an English Test and a Civics Test.

  • The English Test consists of a Speaking and Understanding Test, a Reading Test and a Writing Test.
  • The Civics test is about your knowledge of U.S. Government, U.S. History, U.S. Geography, U.S. Symbols and U.S. Holidays.

English Test

You can practice FOR FREE the Speaking and Understanding Test, the Reading Test and the Writing Test with the following tools:

Civics Test

You can practice FOR FREE the Civics Test with the following tools:

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Why should you prepare for your test?

The Naturalization/Citizenship Test has 4 different parts (a Speaking/Understanding Test, a Reading Test, a Writing Test and a Civics Test) and you must pass all 4 parts to become a U.S. citizen. These 4 parts are very different from each other, preparing for each one of them individually is essential.

It is important that you take this test seriously, because failing it could result in being denied naturalization. You will not be able to refer to any resource material during your test.

You should use our U.S. citizenship online training program if:

  • You want to pass the test the first time
  • You learn better in a structured, supported and guided environment
  • You need to be trained in all 4 parts of the citizenship test
us citizenship test prepare test

How will our training program help you?

  • Our training program is designed to help you efficiently memorize all the citizenship test information
  • We offer detailed explanations on every test component – Fully understand what you will be tested on and how you will be tested.
  • Our interactive online training program will train you for the face to face interview
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How does our training program works?

  • We have 10 tools to train you on all 4 parts of this citizenship test. Each tool is different and focus on a specific section of the test.
  • Our training program is easy to use, and well-organized.
  • All questions and answers are carefully designed to help you remember all the information that you need to pass your test.

Customer Testimonials us citizenship test passed

US citizenship test mia testimonial
Mia, South Africa
My test day was only SEVEN days away…how was I going to study everything I would need to know!?! One Google search took me to your website. After taking all your test, I knew my discovery of your site was nothing short of a Divine Intervention!!…. I Seven (7) days of diligent working with all your training tools. I took the test and passed!!! Your program is a sure bet on passing a Citizenship test. Thanks you for its creation!!!
US citizenship test Lyjanti testimonial
Lyjanti, China
I passed my citizenship interview thanks to U.S. Citizenship Support. By using this training it help me to easily remember and understand all the civics questions and answers. I tried it in the last 3 days before doing my test. I suggest those everyone should use this program before doing their test. good luck to all of you.
US citizenship test Fernando testimonial
Fernando, Mexico
I Just had my citizenship interview today …and I passed! Thanks US citizenship support team for a very organized and straightforward online program. A big help for the preparation to this interview and i would 100% recommend this program to everyone who will be sitting their citizenship test. Trust me, you’ll pass as well if you go for it.

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