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How to best prepare for the U.S. Citizenship Test – Full Guide

US Citizenship test best preparation
Are you nervous about taking your U.S. Citizenship Test? If so, you are not the only one feeling that way. There are millions of eligible permanent residents that don’t take the next step to become a U.S. Citizen because they are worried about the citizenship test (naturalization interview). Yo [...]

Obtaining U.S. Citizenship is a much slower process under Trump

US Citizenship slower process Trump
Processing immigration applications has slowed down significantly since the Trump Administration took office. It seems that the USCIS - United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, the agency that reviews the applications, is putting more resources into immigration enforcement rather than pro [...]

USCIS will now place immigrants into deportation proceedings if an application is denied

uscis immigration deportation
What happened? On June 18, 2018, USCIS updated its policy on Notices to Appear (NTA). What is an NTA? NTAs are the documents that are used to start deportation proceedings against undocumented immigrants in the United States. The NTA issued to an individual instructs him or her to appear b [...]

U.S. citizenship: huge backlog of applications since Trump’s election

US citizenship
Donald Trump’s hardline views on immigrants, both legal and illegal, is driving an unusual explosion in U.S. citizenship applications. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) now have 709,000 applications, and are having a hard time dealing with the enormous backlog. This number of ap [...]

Texas high school students will have to pass a U.S. citizenship test

US citizenship test symbols
The Texas House passed Bill 1776 (the year The United States officially declared independence from the British Empire) last week, which will make it mandatory for Texas public high school students to pass the civics portion of the U.S. citizenship test in order to graduate. This civics test replaces [...]

858 people wrongly received U.S. citizenship instead of being deported

us citizenship passports
According to a report from the Department of Homeland Security Department (DHS), 858 immigrants who were supposed to have been deported, were granted U.S. citizenship instead due to insufficient digital fingerprint records. The report, released in September, is the result of an inquiry aiming at [...]

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