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English Reading Test

During your citizenship test interview, the officer will test your ability to read in English by asking you to read a sentence in English. You will have to read one out of three sentences correctly.

Here are some sample sentences that you might have to read during your citizenship test. These sentences are based on the official USCIS Reading Vocabulary List. Read a sentence out loud, then listen to it to check your pronunciation.
George Washington was the first President    Listen
When is Thanksgiving?    Listen
Who is the Father of Our Country?    Listen
When is Columbus Day?    Listen
Who is on the one-dollar bill?    Listen
What city was the first capital of the United States?    Listen
Who lived here first?    Listen
George Washington is on the one-dollar bill    Listen
When is Independence Day?    Listen
What are the colors of the American flag?    Listen
What is the capital of the United States?    Listen
Who elects Congress?    Listen
Who was the second President?    Listen
Where is the White House?    Listen
Who was George Washington?    Listen
The President lives in the White House    Listen
How many states does the U.S. have?    Listen
Who was Abraham Lincoln?    Listen
When is Presidents’ Day?    Listen
A United States citizen has the right to vote    Listen
When is Labor Day?    Listen
Name one right in the Bill of Rights    Listen
Where does Congress meet?    Listen
What country is to the north of the U.S.?    Listen
What do we have to pay to the government?    Listen
Who can vote?    Listen
When is Flag Day?    Listen
What is the largest state?    Listen
How many senators does the Congress have?    Listen
What state has the most people?    Listen
What country is to the south of the U.S.?    Listen
When is Memorial Day?    Listen
What was the first state?    Listen
George Washington is the Father of Our Country    Listen