U.S. Citizenship Test – Review of your N-400 application U.S. Citizenship Test – Review of your N-400 application – US Citizenship Support

U.S. Citizenship Test – Review of your N-400 application

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During your U.S. citizenship test, the officer will start going over your N-400 form and the documents you submitted and ask you questions about it. This is done to test your English (Speaking and Understanding portion of the test) and to confirm that the information you gave is correct. You must demonstrate your ability to speak and understand English by generally understanding the questions and being able to respond meaningfully to the questions (in fact, the test of your English skills starts the moment you meet the officer).

You should feel comfortable answering questions about:

● Your background

● Evidence supporting your case

● Your place and length of residence

● Your character

● Your attachment to the Constitution

The officer will use the same questions that you have answered on your form (possibly with a different wording) such as:
“Where are you currently living?”
“What is your marital status?”
“Do you support the U.S. Constitution?”

The officer might ask you if there have been any changes to the answers you provided on the N-400 application since you mailed it. If there are, you must bring all evidence to support these changes. For example, if you have had a child since you mailed your N-400, bring the child’s birth certificate. If you have had a new job since you mailed your N-400, bring a letter of employment, and so on.
Some changes, such as committing a crime or divorcing the person who sponsored you for your resident status might have a serious impact on your citizenship application. It might be best to seek advice from a lawyer if you are not sure.

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  1. How can i print my N-400 application after filing because didn’t know they will ask question telated to that application, i will be thankful if u let me know

    1. Hi Zunaira,

      We are unsure of the answer to your question.

      We recommend that you contact USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) to assist you with your inquiry.

      USCIS tools and resources:
      https://myaccount.uscis.gov/ (login or create a USCIS online account – where you can email inquiries specific to your case)
      – Try calling 1-800-375-5283
      – Going to a USCIS immigration counter
      – Or contacting a community immigrant assistance organization

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