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U.S. Citizenship Test – Review your application before the interview and bring the correct documents

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During your U.S. citizenship test: in order to determine your ability to speak and understand English and to verify the information provided in your N400, the USCIS officer will ask you some questions about your background. Most of these questions are from your N400 application form. So it is very important that you review your N-400 form and make sure all the information is accurate for the day of the interview.

You should bring the following identification to your interview:

● Your Permanent Resident or Alien Registration Card

● All valid and expired passports

● State Identification card

● Any Re-entry Permits you have

You must also remember to bring your appointment notice with you for the U.S. citizenship test interview. Otherwise, you won’t even make it through the security checkpoint.

If USCIS has requested for you to bring any additional documents to the interview (they will be listed on the interview notice), you must bring them. If you don’t bring them, your case might be delayed or even denied. It is also recommended that you bring two additional passport-size photographs. Make sure these documents are well organized in a folder so that you can easily find them if the officer asks for them. Bring a copy and the original of each new document, and bring the originals of all the copies you mailed with your application.

Also, try to bring evidence of all your travels since receiving a green card. How much time you have physically spent in the United States matters for your application and the USCIS might search their databases to verify your travel time. You can save a lot of time for your application if you provide the officer with proof of your travels if they ask for them.

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    1. Hi Sibin,

      We are not affiliated with the U.S. Government. We only provide online study tools and general tips to help people prepare for their U.S Citizenship Test/Interview. We do not provide one-on-one guidance for the citizenship application process.

      For more detailed and personalized information and guidance, we recommend that you contact USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) to assist you with your inquiry.

  1. My apology, I misplaced a photocopy of my daughter and my N400 because we moved to another apartment but we are still in the same county and zip code. Do we still need to bring those copies? That’s the only documents I misplaced. Is it okay if you could send us that copy by mail or any way that’s convenient to you. We have the same interview dates on May 7, 2019 at 8:00 am. My daughters’s name is Mary Ydeo. Thank you.

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