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US Citizenship Interview Tips

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U.S. Citizenship Test – Ask for your USCIS interview officer’s name and badge number

Write it down. This will make it easier to follow up if you have any complaints or problems after the interview.

U.S. Citizenship Test – How to speak

You should speak clearly. Not too fast and not too soft. The officer has to be able to understand you. Just speak at a normal rate with a normal tone.

U.S. Citizenship Test – Make eye contact

Making eye contact is normal in the U.S. and will show the officer that you are confident and truthful.

U.S. Citizenship Test – How to answer questions

You should answer question in a direct, brief and truthful way. Only answer the questions asked and don’t go on off on a tangent.
Don’t interrupt the officer. Let him/her finish the question and don’t wait too long to answer, the officer might think you don’t know the answer or are being evasive. If you need more time to think, let the officer know.

U.S. Citizenship Test – What you should expect from the interview officer

The officer should be courteous and professional and repeat or rephrase the questions if you ask him/her to do so until you understand the questions. If the officer is not very nice, don’t be discouraged. You can still do very well in the interview.

If the officer is very rude or wrongly denies your application you have the right to complain to a supervisor. This will not affect your naturalization application.

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  1. My friend just took the citizenship test and she did well in the writing, reading, and the 10 civic questions. When she did the interview she answered mostly all the questions. When she was almost finished, she was asked a question that wasn’t in the interview and since my friend knows basic English and the officer had an accent she didn’t understand her, and she has to go back just for the interview in order to pass the test.

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